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apec 2015

Thank you for visiting the Panasonic booth.
We continue to hold a virtual exhibition on the WEB site.

Panasonic Booth: Booth 1501
Exhibition Venue: Charlotte Convention Center
   (Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America)
Exhibition Date: March 15-19, 2015
Floor MAP
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Exhibition products

GaN Power Devices & Solution

GaN Power Devices & Solution

Panasonic GaN Power Devices with 600V blocking voltage contribute to the downsizing and high efficiency of power supplies. Panasonic accomplishes both "Normally Off" and "Current Collapse Free" by adapting unique device structures, even it was told difficult challenges to realize. Panasonic GaN devices have higher reliability because of these achievements.

In this exibition, we will display various types of packages, the half-bridge modules and the chopper boards of their packages. An amazing dV/dt characteristic that is possible to realize a high-speed switching, which is one of the GaN-GIT advantages, can be achieved by this chopper board. We promise your additional surprise on our new demonstration board 400W power supply as the world's smallest class.

For your design support, we have some evaluation board, such as totem-Pole PFC, LLC, daughter board as well. Don't miss the high performance Panasonic micro controllers, too. That is maximize GaN-GIT performance, high frequency operation, stable control, high accuracy and so on.
All above items are waiting your visit.

SiC Power Devices

Panasonic's compact, full-SiC power module consists of a half bridge circuit with a new type of MOSFETs, so called the "DioMOS."
While retaining general characteristics of a MOSFET, the DioMOS functions also a reverse-conducting free-wheeling diode by appropriately designing the n-type epitaxial channel under the MOS gate. The DioMOS module enables reduction of the module footprint by half by eliminating additional external free-wheeling diodes.

Seminar Information

Industrial Seminar(IS14, 0n March 19)
GaN Gate Injection Transistor for Energy-Efficient Power Electronics ? Status and Challenge
Tetsuzo Ueda (Panasonic Corporation)

--Session related our GaN power device--

Lecture (T28, 0n March 19)
Advanced Induction Heating Appliances Using High-Voltage GaN Gate Injection Transistors
Hector Sarnago, et al. (University of Zaragoza)

Poster (D19, 0n March 19)
A High Frequency, High Efficiency GaN HFET Based Inductive Power Transfer System
Aaron Cai, et al. (Nanyang Technological University)

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