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Before inquiry

Please check this before inquiry.


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In use of the technical information and semiconductors

Please read this at first.
Using the products and technical information on this site for developing, manufacturing, and storing weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and missiles, etc.) is prohibited.

Attentions and Precautions

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For consumer

For sales inquiries, please contact our semiconductor sales companies nearest you

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Sales Inquiry

As for the purchase, our worldwide sales companies are responsible for your support individually.
(such as delivery, last order, custom OEM business, quality, environment, so on)

Sales Offices

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Technical Inquiry

Overall technical questions about semiconductor (e.g. usage, specification, microcomputer software development tool, so on) are supported.
Registration and login are needed to technical question.
Click here to become a registered user.
Request for catalogs and printings can be helped here.

How to get the catalogs

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Website Questionnaire

Please tell us your opinions or suggestions to improve this website.

Questionnaire Form

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Others (Links to each site)

Non-Semiconductor Electronic Components ex. Resistor, Capacitor, Filter, Coil, Surge Absorbers, etc.

Non-Semiconductor Electronic Components

[Need Semiconductors as repair parts]
Please contact the service of the set manufacturer. For Panasonic Service, please click here.

For Repairs, Maintenance, Product Support

For Repairs, Maintenance, Product Support

Customer Service, Others

For Customer Service

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Panasonic Semiconductor HomeSemiconductor > Contact Us